Our services and objectives

Our Objectives

Our objective is to establish successful long-term partnerships between local business and international industrial investors.

We identify opportunities for Myanmar and other frontier markets to captilize on their latent long-term potential domestically and on their international competitive advantage in export markets.

Through successful projects we create opportunities for sustainable economic development whilst respecting the unique features and characteristics of local communities and the environment.

Our focus:

  • international best standards of business practice
  • the proper alignment of stakeholder interests
  • the long term

Our Services

We assemble and introduce opportunities to international investors who are able to contribute:
  • expertise
  • financial resources
  • management & systems
  • skills training

We assist with:

  • due diligence and risk analysis
  • discussions with government, statutory and non-statutory bodies
  • detailed financial and valuation analysis
  • the negotiation, structuring and execution of transactions
  • the securing of necessary approvals and permits